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Wallpaper Gallery

Welcome to the best wallpaper gallery of wallpapers and backgrounds made from original images and photos to decorate your Apple iPad and iPhone. Most images have been captured with the high resolution Canon 5D Mark II, edited and cropped in native resolution to give you the best wallpapers to decorate your Apple iPad.

Best Original Wallpapers

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I hope this will be the best source of wallpapers you will find on the internet.

The photos are captured around the world and here in Edinburgh where I live at the moment. I hope the wallpapers will be the best on the internet for the best decoration for your home and lock screen. Please browse the gallery of fine wallpapers and let me know if you would like other images or want a high resolution one.

All images are Creative Commons for Non-Commercial purposes only. You are welcome to copy, distribute and transmit the images if you remember to:

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Give credit to: Images by Bay

For Commercial Use please e-mail or use the contact form.