iCloud iPad Wallpaper


iCloud iPad Wallpaper
iCloud iPad Wallpaper

Today it seems Apple is finalizing their new iCloud service. The service now shows icons in the background and a new login screen that no longer show as “beta”. The site is still restricted to developers though but there have been sporadic reports of non-developers being able to upgrade, but generally it seems like you have to create one in iOS 5.

iCloud is expected to launch today (Wed, October 12th) alongside iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.7.2. Apple released iTunes 10.5 on Tuesday in preparation. Don’t expect iOS 5 to actually be released until later in the day. Apple has historically released their major iOS updates around 1pm eastern time.

This is exiting news and with the new iPhone 4S the iOS is really getting mature with the new functions and cloud features. To celebrate all these new updates (and to be a bit creative today) i have created the iCloud iPad Wallpaper which you can use on you iOS devices.

The iCloud wallpaper was created in Adobe Photoshop 5CS with the background from the OS X Lock Screen wallpaper. If you are interested in another Apple related wallpaper have a look at the OS X Lion Wallpaper which is also available for the Apple Cinema Display.


Martin Bay

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